Once the different factors and barriers have been identified, policymakers can map existing policies and interventions that are being used to encourage the target behaviour. An understanding of the policy landscape can be established within eight key categories: regulatory frameworks, planning& infrastructure, fiscal measures, service provision, communication & marketing, guidelines, collaboration platforms and business support schemes.

Desktop research can be particularly useful for policymakers wanting to map sector-specific policies. Another valuable exercise at this stage would be to interview industry stakeholders and other policymakers who have already implemented energy policy in other regions and countries. Inspiration could also come from innovative public sector supported mechanisms applied in other policy areas.

In the ENTRUST project, government schemes and other interventions designed to change people’s behaviour were mapped for each of the three priority sectors and in each of the six countries studied. The output of the policy mapping exercise was a set of top-down, hybrid and bottom-up policies and interventions, highlighting the gaps within existing policy instruments.